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Atlantic City Bottles

This website is for the preservation and documentation of Atlantic City history.

Specifically the glass bottles and related items used in the city by residents, workers, and vacationers alike.

One can only imagine the journey that these bottles have been through. The places and lifestyles they’ve seen, the hands they’ve been in.

About this site

I created this website to provide information and documentation on the glass bottles that were used in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As well as spread knowledge of the bottle collecting hobby, and the importance of local history preservation.

Glass bottles were the first major industry in the United States, New Jersey in particular had a very important role in this revolutionary industry. New Jersey is reported to be the first state to have ever produced glass bottles on a large scale. In the 1800's with Atlantic City gaining popularity as a prime location to live, work, and vacation, there was obviously a need for glass bottles. Everything from the soda you'd drink, to the products you'd use to clean, or the milk delivered early in the morning, and the medications prescribed by a local pharmacist. Glass bottles were a daily necessity. We know that glass bottles were used, but unfortunately there is very little documentation on them. The required documentation in the 1800's and early 1900's is nowhere near what is expected today. With the information gathered that does exist in public libraries and record halls, along with stories, photos, and past down knowledge, this website could become a great source!

This website is broken down into multiple categories, based on bottle type/use. These sections can be navigated at the top of the page. Just click on the category you would like to view and it will direct you to a list of all known bottles from Atlantic City that were involved with that category.

If you happen to have information, knowledge, stories, photographs, or anything that may benefit this site. Please contact me using the contact page or the button below and I will be sure to add it to the site. Lets keep history alive!

Enjoy the site!